Tuesday , February 25 2020

Availability of Supervisory Staff in the Secondary School Examination

AVAILABILITY OF SUPERVISORY STAFF IN THE SECONDARY SCHOOL EXAMINATION AND INTERMEDIATE (ANNUAL) EXAMINATIONS, 2020. Directorate of Pubic Instruction (S.E) Punjab, Lahore issued letter bearing No. dated 19.02.2020 regarding availability of Supervisory Staff. Your personal and immediate attention is invited towards the Govt. of the Punjab, letter No.SO(Boards)13-1/2020-SSC(A), dated 12.02.2020 on …

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Enforcement of Punjab Marriage Functions Act, 2016

RECOMMENDATION FOR ENFORCEMENT OF PUNJAB MARRIAGE FUNCTIONS ACT, 2016 GOVERNMENT OF THE PUNJAB LOCAL GOVERNMENT & COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT issued recommendation for enforcement of Punjab Marriage Functions Act, 2016 Dated Lahore, the 17 February, 2020 VIOLATIONS OF THE PUNJAB MARRIAGE FUNCTIONS ACT, 2016 Please refer to the subject noted above. I …

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Ban Lifted on Allotment of Lambardari Grants Upon Death or Change of Lambardar

BOARD OF REVENUE, PUNJAB LIFTED BAN ON ALLOTMENT OF LAMBARDARI GRANTS UPON DEATH OR CHANGE OF LAMBARDAR. BOARD OF REVENUE, PUNJAB (COLONIES DEPARTMENT) issued letter regarding lifting of Bank on allotment of Lambardari Grant bearing No.144-2020/54-C-V, Dated 18 February, 2020. LAMBARDARI GRANTS. This is with reference to this office letter …

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Directions and Anti Dengue Activities

ANTI-DENGUE CAMPAIGN WITH THE SPECIAL FOCUS ON AWARENESS AND CLEANLINESS IN ALL PUBLIC & PRIVATE SCHOOLS GOVERNMENT OF THE PUNJAB SCHOOL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT MONITORING WING IMPORTANT issued SOPs regarding Anti-Dengue Campaign vide letter bearing No.DD(M)/Dengue/2020, Dated Lahore the 11th February, 2020. Reference meeting held under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary, …

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Eligibility Criteria for Appointment by Transfer in Office Management Group

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR APPOINTMENT BY TRANSFER IN OMG (OFFICE MANAGEMENT GROUP) AGAINST 10% QUOTA THROUGH FPSC GOVERNMENT OF THE PAKISTAN, CABINET SECRETARIAT, ESTABLISHMENT DIVISION vide Office Memorandum bearing No.7/23/2016-E-VII, dated 07th February, 2020 issued regarding policy of appointment by transfer in Office Management Group. The undersigned is directed to refer …

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