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Enhancement of Special Conveyance Allowance

GRANT OF SPECIAL CONVEYANCE ALLOWANCE TO THE DISABLED EMPLOYEES. GOVERNMENT OF SINDH, FINANCE DEPARTMENT vide Office Memorandum bearing No.FD(SR-III)5-92/2016, Karachi dated 21st January, 2020 approved to enhance the rate of Special Conveyance Allowance. In pursuance of Government of Pakistan Finance Division (Regulation Wing), Islamabad’s Office Memorandum No.F.3(1)R-5/2010-351, dated 12th July, …

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Revision of Pay Package of MEAs

PROVISION OF COMMENTS REGARDING REVISION OF PAY PACKAGE ETC OF M&EAs. GOVERNMENT OF THE PUNJAB SCHOOL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT (MONITORING WING) vide letter bearing No.DD(M)/MSEAS-PAY/2020, Dated Lahore the 29th January, 2020 regarding Revision of Pay Package for M&EAs. Kindly find attached herewith copies of applications submitted by Monitoring & Evaluation Assistants …

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Revision in Special Pay of Private Secretary and Personal Assistant

REVISION IN SPECIAL PAY OF PRIVATE SECRETARY AND PERSONAL ASSISTANT.  GOVERNMENT OF THE PUNJAB FINANCE DEPARTMENT vide its letter bearing bearing No.FD.SR-V.2-2/2019, Dated; Lahore, the 30th January, 2020 Revised Special Pay of Private Secretary and Personal Assistant. I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to state …

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Shifting of Staff working under PM Health Initiative Program Punjab.

PROGRAM DIRECTOR, INTEGRATED REPRODUCTIVE MATERNAL NEWBORN & CHILD HEALTH & NUTRITION (IRMNCH) PROGRAM, PUNJAB letter bearing No.561/IRMNCH&N, dated Lahore the 09th Jan, 2020 issued regarding shifting of staff working under Prime Minister Health Initiative Program Punjab. SHIFTING OF STAFF WORKING UNDER PRIME MINISTER HEALTH INITIATIVE PROGRAM PUNJAB. Kindly refer to …

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Clarification Regarding Admissibility of “NON PRACTICING ALLOWANCE”

GOVERNMENT OF THE PUNJAB, PRIMARY & SECONDARY HEALTHCARE DEPARTMENT, vide his office letter No.SO(B&A)1-69/2019/9940, dated Lahore, the 06th December 2019 seek clarification regarding admissibility of Non-Practicing Allowance. CLARIFICATION REGARDING ADMISSIBILITY OF NON PRACTICING ALLOWANCE Please refer to your letter No.FD.SR-1/6-7/2018 dated 25.11 2019 on subject noted above. It is stated …

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